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Trusted Background Checking Specialists in Glasgow

It's important to know more about who you are about to get into business with or who you are employing so speed up the process by using our trusted and comprehensive pre-employment check and background vetting services.

With job recruitment becoming ever more difficult as each year passes and increasingly detailed background vetting and profiling of candidates required to ensure the most suitable candidates are successfully chosen, it is essential that the most reliable and effective pre-employment vetting and background checking is undertaken by experienced, highly skilled and dedicated professionals. 

Working across Glasgow and the rest of the UK, we specialise in providing highly effective, trusted and discreet background and pre-employment vetting for clients. So call us today on 0800 915 64 54 for your consultation and to start getting the ball rolling on those extremely important background checks. 

Professional pre-employment background checking and vetting 

Employment Background Checks

Our effective and trusted background vetting can range from simplicities like checking the qualifications on a CV to in-depth investigations of memberships of groups and associations raising potential conflicts of interest, criminal convictions or financial history. 

Bringing new employees into positions of responsibility or entering into business with a little known individual are minefields for effective risk management; which is why trusted vetting is so essential in the hiring process.

Enquire about our background vetting services

Effective and reliable background vetting by our experienced, skilled and dedicated investigators can help spell out your options, quantity concerns and help you meet the requirements of due diligence. Our Glasgow, London and UK clients trust in us to ensure the protection of their business against everything from simple bad employment choices to industrial espionage through our extensive background checking.

Pre-employment and background vetting services

Our comprehensive pre-employment and background vetting services are available in Glasgow as well as throughout the UK. We offer an extensive range of checks, such as employment history verification, bankruptcy tracing, and criminal conviction screening. Our diverse suite of background vetting services encompasses:

  • Confirm qualifications and employment history
  • Uncover criminal convictions and charges
  • Trace bankruptcies and legal cases
  • Investigate interests and memberships
  • Financial and debt searches