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Bournemouth's Asset Tracing Professionals

Do you need to determine the true financial condition and net worth of an individual or entity?

At our company, we are experts in carrying out detailed research into the financial records of businesses and individuals in Bournemouth and Dorset. Doing so enables us to assess the value or worth of their assets, credit, debts, or any other data before initiating debt recovery measures or legal proceedings.

Taking legal action against a defendant who is unable to cover awards or penalties would be costly and futile, even if the result was desirable.

Similarly, pretending to be destitute when in fact one is wealthy can be accomplished by carefully hiding assets. Investigating financial documents, fake companies, and taking advantage of offshore tax shelters are the only ways to reveal the truth.

If you require any assistance concerning asset tracing in Bournemouth, you can reach out to our competent team. Our staff are more than willing to help. Contact us on 0800 915 64 54.

We cover Poole and Dorset and offer a vast selection of investigative services, including asset tracing. Our team can evaluate an individual or organisation's paper trail to assess their worth. Also, we are experienced at supplying you with the important details before proceeding to legal action.

Tracing assets in Poole

First class asset search solutions

Provided to clients across Poole and Dorset, our comprehensive approach to asset tracing and search investigations includes;

  • Tracing of investments and assets
  • Resource and individual resource assessments
  • Locating and identifying hidden assets
  • Following chains of ownership and paper trails
  • Proof of property, asset and land ownership
  • Global reach and resources
  • Mapping of tax shelters and front companies