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Effective Asset Tracing in Leeds

Are you trying to determine the true fiscal condition and assets of an individual or company?

We specialise in conducting comprehensive research of the financial data of businesses and people from Leeds and Yorkshire. This analysis allows us to determine the worth of assets, credit, debts, and other related information, helping us in our debt recovery or legal proceedings.

Taking legal action against the defendant, who is unable to pay a reward or fine, would be futile and costly - even if it led to a successful conclusion.

Disguising wealth to pretend poverty is another option. Exposing this subterfuge requires a private investigation of financial documents, dummy companies, or use of off-shore tax shelters.

Get in touch with our qualified staff regarding asset tracing in Leeds. Our adept crew is just a phone call away - dial 0800 915 64 54.

Tracing assets in Birmingham

As professionals in specialised private investigation and asset tracing services, our expertise is available to commercial and private clients across Yorkshire, including Leeds. Our team has the ability to delve deep beneath the surface to uncover hidden evidence that can be instrumental in establishing the true value or wealth of an individual or organisation. We can trace paper trails and other records which often provide useful information for taking legal action. Our team of experts can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation.

First class asset search solutions

We offer our clients in Leeds a complete asset tracing and search investigation package. It includes...

  • Asset and investment tracing
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Proof of land, property and asset ownership
  • Mapping of front companies and tax shelters
  • Tracing chains of ownership and paper trails
  • Expert assessment of individual worth and resources
  • Global reach and resources