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Professional Legal Support For Birmingham

The strength of evidence presented is crucial in all kinds of legal cases. To ensure the strongest case possible, our team of experts collaborate with lawyers to track down evidence, including paper trails and witnesses, for both litigation and defence purposes.

Legal Case Support

Extensive and trusted legal support 

It is essential to prepare the strongest possible case when litigating or defending in court. Thorough research of records and finances, the use of incontestable evidence, and witnesses with a good grasp of the facts should all be employed to ensure that justice is done.

By collaborating with solicitors and barristers, our expert team of legal case specialists and private investigators can meet any needs you may have. We will create a suitable package of services tailored to your exact requirements.

Why Choose Anderson Chance to support your legal case?

Our in-depth knowledge of legal matters, access to worldwide resources and contacts enable us to investigate records and movements outside the UK, particularly Birmingham.

Our team of experienced legal professionals have an all-around perspective on any situation. We utilise all the tools and techniques available through private investigation to provide our clients with an array of legal support options, including: 

  • Tracing witnesses and defendants
  • Fraud and blackmail investigation
  • Surveillance and observation
  • General litigation support
  • Criminal defence investigation
  • Evidence location and collection
  • Pre-sue asset searches
  • Financial and records research