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Trusted Asset Tracing Solutions in Leicester

Are you looking to ascertain the genuine financial status and net worth of either a person or an organisation?

Our speciality lies in conducting thorough research on the financial records of both companies and individuals throughout Leicester and the Midlands. By doing so, we can determine the value or worth of assets, credit, debts, and other pertinent information before embarking on debt recovery or legal action.

Pursuing legal action against the defendant who lacks sufficient funds to pay rewards or fines would result in substantial expenses and futility, regardless of a favourable outcome.

Likewise, concealing riches to feign destitution is another possibility. The sole means of uncovering this deceit is by conducting a covert examination of financial records, dummy corporations, or exploitation of offshore tax havens.

So speak to our experienced team about asset tracing in Leicester today; call our helpful and friendly team now on 0800 915 64 54.

Tracing assets in Birmingham

As a provider of specialised private investigation and asset tracing services, we operate across the Midlands, including in Leicester, for both commercial and private clients. By delving deep below the surface of individuals or organisations, our team can uncover valuable insights about their assets that may not be immediately apparent. This includes tracing paper trails and other records that can help determine an individual's or company's true value or wealth. With support from our expert asset tracing team, you can gain a comprehensive understanding before taking any legal action.

First class asset search solutions

Provided to clients across Leicester, our comprehensive approach to asset tracing and search investigations includes;

  • Asset and investment tracing
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Proof of land, property and asset ownership
  • Mapping of front companies and tax shelters
  • Tracing chains of ownership and paper trails
  • Expert assessment of individual worth and resources
  • Global reach and resources