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London's Genealogy Research Specialists

When we say we specialise in genealogy research for clients across London, we mean it - we're more than just 'heir hunters!'

Our experienced team of genealogists and family history researchers are renowned for their friendly, dedicated and highly skilled approach to tackling research requests in London, as well as across the whole of the United Kingdom. No matter how complex your probate or genealogy enquiry is, we have the tools and resources to take it on.

We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' attitude to genealogy or probate research. We work hard to understand our London clients and cater to their specific requirements. Our approach ensures that each investigation is personalised, allowing us to take pride in delivering unmatched results.

Whether you need help identifying a beneficiary of a deceased estate or require assistance in discovering your ancestral background, the team of skilled, private and welcoming professionals at Anderson Chance are available to assist. Call us now on 0800 915 64 54 for a free and no obligation chat with one of our London based team of genealogists. 

Decades of probate research experience

With our extended knowledge in the field, we work with both private customers and legal organisations from London to locate heirs. Our level of devotion and determination remains unchanged no matter if the estate is worth one hundred or over a million pounds.

At our London firm, we draw upon a range of research and investigation techniques to ensure success in all cases of genealogical enquiry. From the commonplace to those that present a unique set of challenges, our staff of multilingual researchers are well-equipped to handle your case - no matter where in the world an heir may be located.

Experts in genealogy investigation and research for London clients

Are you having difficulty piecing your family tree together? Struggling to fill in the last parts of the puzzle? Our genealogists are ready to help. Whether you need us to construct a complete family tree for you, or just locate one elusive link, our knowledgeable team is on-hand.

We provide access to the most up-to-date databases, but our expert researchers and genealogists are proficient in using a variety of sources to discover your family members all around London, as well as throughout the UK.

Our skilled genealogy and family history investigation squad is here to help you with your genealogy and probate enquiries, whether you are in the country or overseas.

We operate across London and throughout the UK, providing comprehensive genealogy and probate research services. So contact us today for a free and no obligation chat with one of our experienced and friendly genealogy research team.