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Trusted Asset Tracing in Nottingham

Do you need to find out a company or individual's true net worth and financial situation?

Before you attempt to sue or recover debts, it's imperative that comprehensive and detailed research into that company or individual's finances to trace debts, assets, credit and other details is undertaken. Working for clients across Nottingham and the Midlands, we do exactly that. 

Contact Nottingham's asset tracing experts today!

Even if you are successful, your legal action will be largely pointless if the defendant has no money to meet rewards or fines. 

There's also the likelihood of them hiding wealth to create a wrong impression of poverty. The only way to prove that for certain is through a private, comprehensive and discreet investigation of tax haven utilisation, paper trails or front companies.   

So speak to our experienced team about asset tracing in Nottingham today; call our helpful and friendly team now on 0800 915 64 54.

Tracing assets in Birmingham

We utilise our decades of experience and a network of resources to look well beneath the surface of any individual or organisation. So no matter what you need undertaken, you can rely on Nottingham's experts at Anderson Chance to package a specialist variety of private investigations and asset tracing services. Assets of any kind always have records and paper trails, which, when successfully investigated and navigated, can identify the true value or wealth of an individual or a company. Thanks to our asset tracing team's specialist advice and support, you will get the complete picture before you dive into litigation.  

First class asset search solutions

Provided to clients across Nottingham, our comprehensive approach to asset tracing and search investigations includes;

  • Asset and investment tracing
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Proof of land, property and asset ownership
  • Mapping of front companies and tax shelters
  • Tracing chains of ownership and paper trails
  • Expert assessment of individual worth and resources
  • Global reach and resources