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Nottingham's Most Trusted Private Detectives

If you need private investigation and surveillance services in Nottinghamshire, Anderson Chance is the perfect choice. Our team is both discreet and professional.

We have a wealth of experience gained from over 25 years of working in and around Nottinghamshire, offering clients an array of private and corporate investigation services. These encompass all aspects from locating blackmails to tracking down missing persons, researching genealogy, aiding in matrimonial and prenuptial matters and providing assistance with legal action. Our team prides itself on delivering reliable, professional and speedy results.

No matter where you're based near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire or the wider region, Anderson Chance can help you when faced with a difficult case or you need to locate someone quickly. Our investigations team is trusted, experienced and respected. Call us now on 0800 915 64 54 to speak to our highly specialist team and receive your discreet and no-obligation consultation at your convenience. 

Specialists in corporate and private investigation and surveillance

We supply private and corporate clients across the UK, including Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, with an extensive selection of reasonably-priced, subtle surveillance and investigation services. Our full range of services, provided by our dedicated and experienced team, includes:

  • Corporate intelligence gathering
  • Tracing missing persons
  • Probate and genealogy research
  • Blackmail Investigation
  • Legal support and evidence gathering
  • Fraud and blackmail investigation
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Pre-court asset searches
  • Corporate surveillance and observation
  • Pre-nuptial and matrimonial
  • Missing persons searches
  • Financial investigation
  • Private surveillance and observation services
  • Employment vetting and background checks

Tailor made private surveillance and investigation solutions across Nottingham

With our extensive experience in the surveillance and investigation industry, we understand that each case requires a unique solution. As a Nottingham-based service provider, we offer clients both private and corporate investigations tailored to their individual needs. We draw on our team's expertise to guarantee that you get the truth of every situation - no matter how complex or specific it may be.

Tried, trusted and discreet private investigations

We offer a discreet, reliable and trusted service when it comes to corporate and private investigations, unlike some others in Nottingham who diversify into other areas such as CCTV or security. With our expertise and years of experience, we are able to undertake thorough surveillance and investigation. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients all around the world to deliver a service that matches their individual needs.

To find out more about our Nottingham private and corporate investigation services, contact one of our specialist private investigators today.