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Reliable Background Vetting in the UK

It is important to familiarise yourself with the people you are hiring or entering into business relationships by taking advantage of our dependable background checks and pre-employment searches.

Recruitment is a difficult process that only becomes more complex with each year. To make sure the best fit for the job is chosen, careful profiling and in-depth background checks of potential candidates must be done by experienced professionals to ensure reliable pre-employment vetting.

We provide a comprehensive service for our clients across the UK: discreet, trusted, and highly effective pre-employment and background vetting. Get in touch with us now on 0800 915 64 54 to initiate your all-important background checks and vetting process.

Background checking and pre-employment vetting

Employment Background Checks

Our specialist background vetting is comprehensive and covers both extremes; from exploring financial history, associations or groups potentially creating conflicts of interest or criminal convictions, to simply verifying qualifications on a CV.

Forming a business relationship with someone of unknown background or hiring individuals for important roles both bring risks, which is why it is essential to do reliable vetting.

Enquire about our background vetting services

Our experienced investigators can provide specialist, effective background vetting to help you work out your options, identify any potential issues and meet due diligence requirements. Our UK clients put all their trust in us to safeguard their business against a range of risks such as industrial espionage and mistaken hiring decisions through our comprehensive background checks.

Pre-employment and background vetting services

We offer a selection of background and pre-employment vetting services throughout the UK. These cover criminal conviction checks, employment history, and bankruptcy tracing to name but a few. Our complete capabilities when it comes to background checking and vetting include:

  • Confirm qualifications and employment history
  • Uncover criminal convictions and charges
  • Trace bankruptcies and legal cases
  • Investigate interests and memberships
  • Financial and debt searches