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Due Diligence Investigation for American Company


We were contacted by a large American manufacturing company, who asked us to carry out a due diligence check on a potential new rubber supplier.

The company were concerned that the supplier had been unable to provide much in the way of detail regarding their supply chain, the source of their raw materials, and had only provided minimal information on the company's structure and management team.

This case involved weeks of intensive research, spanning three continents.

We began by conducting a thorough OSINT search. This provided us with more details about the rubber supplier's company structure, and also their trading footprint.

We then consulted the records for US trade imports, and were able to ascertain that the rubber supplier's raw materials came from two sites in China, and two in Malaysia.

We were concerned about reports we had uncovered  suggesting  unethical practices in one of the Chinese sites. To investigate these further, we contacted a local NGO working on the ground in the area, and they were able to provide us with a report detailing the unethical practices involved.

We then looked more closely at the company's sites in the US, and in particular at the company's CEO and Directors.

At first glance, they seemed whiter than white. We found evidence of charitable donations and a general philanthropic outlook. The CEO kept a low profile, and appeared to live quietly and unassumingly.

However, with further focused research, and with the cooperation of one of our agents in the US, we were able to uncover evidence of tax evasion and fraudulent trading some twenty years previously.

We presented our findings to our client, who responded by thanking us for our work and commenting “were it not for Anderson Chance's efforts on our behalf, we would have suffered reputationally and financially”.