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Locate Missing Persons

If a critical employee goes missing or a debtor does not want to be found, we can trace and locate missing persons on a truly global scale.

missing persons

Whether you are a small business owner trying to track down a debtor, or a major corporation tracing a missing senior executive, we work with clients throughout London and the City to find missing and hidden people all over the world.

Employing extensive experience in the field and through use of data and records investigation, we are proud of a high success rate in tracking even the coldest leads to find whoever you want to make contact with or locate on the map.

Call us today on 0800 915 64 54 to arrange your no obligation consultation and receive free and honest advice from our experienced missing person location team. 

Traces can take time, so we tailor our search aiming to find an optimal balance between your schedule, budget and need to find each individual.

The complete missing person tracing solution

Operating across London and the rest of the UK, we provide a comprehensive tracing and locating missing individuals service. Our full range of services includes:

  • Locate missing employees
  • Tracing hiding debtors
  • Rediscover lost contracts
  • Locate key competitor employees
  • Search for legal witnesses
Locate a Missing Person

This means weighing financial investigations and paper trails against fieldwork and results to ensure each case remains targeted and cost effective.

Stand-alone or tied in with litigation support or fraud investigations our clients know they can rely on our ability to trace and locate even the most well-hidden people.

One of the biggest steps to be taken is the first step, fill in the contact form and take that step then let our expert tracers find your missing person.