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We'll Quickly Find Missing Persons

Private investigations into missing persons can be amongst the most challenging we face; escape around the world is easier than ever and only an expert team with global reach can hope to find a loved one or other individual. We specialise in quickly and easily tracing missing people.

From families whose loved ones have disappeared on trips, to tracing of debtors or others that are hiding from you, we utilise a mature network of international resources to trace, find and locate all kinds of missing persons.

Using extensive experience of records systems, identity changes and fieldwork observation we can answer your questions and find that person you have been looking for wherever they are hiding.

If you are having trouble tracing missing people, call the UK's experts at Anderson Chance. We operate throughout London and the rest of the UK, so call us now on 0800 915 64 54 for a discreet consultation.

Missing Persons

Depending on each unique situation, effective searches can take time and stretch around the world, so we are always careful to tailor a package of missing persons services that are cost effective, delivering the best possible results for the budget available.

Our missing persons investigators help in a wide range of situations;

Private investigator searches for missing persons
  • Find loved family members gone missing
  • Relocate lost contacts and friends
  • Searching out debtors or others hiding from you
  • Search for legal witnesses

Tracing missing people is a skill that crosses over with many of our other services such as surveillance and observations, legal preparation support, finding witnesses or pre-nuptial and matrimonial work identifying ex-partners.