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Private Fraud & Blackmail Investigation

Times have changed, and private individuals suffer attempts to defraud them daily through the web and email, as well as by more traditional means; if it happens to you, we could help you get your money back.

We have all had those e-mails about winning the Nigerian State Lottery; such frauds are incredibly widespread and sadly they evolve and catch people out every day.

Blackmail has also become increasingly simple to instigate, with hacking and invasions or privacy through social networks, mobile phones or more traditional methods still affecting people throughout London.

For first class blackmail and corporate enquiries and inspections, look no further than the experts at Anderson Chance. Call our experienced team today on 0800 915 64 54 to discuss your requirements, receive free and impartial advice and arrange your no obligation consultation. 

Fraud Investigation

With our expertise, our investigators can help bring successful legal cases to court, reveal fraudsters and potentially help you get your money back. Crimes like fraud and blackmail rely on making victims feel isolated, exposed and helpless; most succeed because people are too embarrassed or scared to do anything about them.

Our range of investigations to help victims of fraud and blackmail include;

  • Legal case support, evidence and witnesses
  • Loss recovery advice
  • Financial analysis and investigation
  • Paper trail tracking
  • Identification and locating of fraudsters

Whilst the technology gets ever more sophisticated, so do tracking and analysis methods, and we can help build legal cases, follow paper trails and advice on ways you can get fraudulent accounts frozen and money recovered. Working throughout London and the rest of the UK, our fraud investigators tailor a personalised and discreet approach to every case designed to get you the answers you are searching for.