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Asset Search

Uncover an individual or company’s true financial situation and net worth before you take them to court for actions such as suing or seeking damages.

An ideal partner service for legal support, asset searches comprise detailed research into any individual’s finances to trace assets, debts, credit and other details to assess their worth or value before attempting to sue or recover debts.

Legal action is costly and largely pointless even if you are successful when the defendant has no money to meet fines or rewards.

Equally, they may be hiding wealth to create an impression of poverty, and the only way to prove that is through an expert private investigation of paper trails, front companies or tax haven utilisation.

Speak to an experienced asset investigator today; call our expert investigations team now on 0800 915 64 54.

Asset Search For Debt Recovery

We package a range of our private investigations services to look well below the surface of any individual or organisation. Assets of any kind always have paper trails and records which, successfully navigated, can reveal the true value or wealth of anyone or anything. Get a complete picture before you dive into litigation with our asset tracing team’s specialist support and advice.

First class asset search solutions

Provided to clients across London and the rest of the UK, our comprehensive approach to asset tracing and search investigations includes;

  • Asset and investment tracing
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Proof of land, property and asset ownership
  • Mapping of front companies and tax shelters
  • Tracing chains of ownership and paper trails
  • Expert assessment of individual worth and resources
  • Global reach and resources