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Prenuptial & Matrimonial

One of the most sensitive areas of private investigations, and one of the most requested, our pre-nuptial and matrimonial services help you see the absolute truth of any partnership.

The tiniest doubt can grow into the biggest problem in any relationship.

Sometimes there is simply no way to find the information you need to let down final barriers of trust, and that is when our discreet private investigations can provide a solution.

Perhaps you are worried a current partner is cheating, or a potential spouse is lying about themselves or their background.

Prenuptial and Matrimonial Services

We can enquire in-depth using skills such as surveillance and financial investigations to reveal the true story behind any individual. Uncover relationships, obligations, professional memberships, hidden children, criminal backgrounds and bad debts; get peace of mind and complete confidence or, at worst, avoid falling into a dangerous trap.

As we continue to meet people in ever more remote ways through dating websites and social networks, we all need to take more precautions that the person we are placing trust in is who they say they are.

Our range of prenuptial and matrimonial private investigations services includes;

  • Prenuptial background vetting
  • Confirmation of fact (employment, financial, social)
  • Investigate suspicious absences
  • Surveillance of unfaithful partners
  • Criminal background checks
  • Debt searches and financial investigation
  • Previous marriage and depend