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Specialist Legal Support in London

Working for clients across London, our expert legal support team work alongside lawyers to build the strongest cases, paper trails, evidence and witnesses for litigation and defence.

All legal cases rely on the quality of evidence gathered and presented, which is why it's vital that you hire specialist private investigations consultants with decades of experience in the field. Working closely with barristers and solicitors, Anderson Chance help bring the right legal results; thanks to finding incontestable evidence, detailed searches of records and finances and finding strong witnesses.

Based in London and require comprehensive legal support? We tailor our cost effective and reliable legal support services to suit any requirements, so call us today on 0800 915 64 54 to discuss your case with our experienced and highly skilled team.

Why receive legal support from Anderson Chance?

With decades of experience and expertise, we understand legal procedures and the comprehensive application of evidence. As one of London's leading private investigation companies, we are able to access a global base of resources and contacts to trace movements and records well beyond London and the UK.

Utilising every private investigation tool and technique available, we provide a comprehensive range of legal support services to suit any situation. These include:

  • Tracing witnesses and defendants
  • General litigation support
  • Fraud and blackmail investigation
  • Criminal defence investigation
  • Surveillance and observation
  • Pre-sue asset searches
  • Evidence location and collection
  • Financial and records research