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Leicester's Financial Investigation Specialists

There are times when contracts and agreements at the highest level can be compromised by either 'creative' accounting or falsified financial reports. To counter this, our experienced financial investigators provide due diligence and in-depth investigations, clarifying the situation for commercial clients across Leicester and Cheshire. 

Committing to mergers, acquisitions, investments and other legally binding contracts requires incredibly detailed and comprehensive financial intelligence to reveal the honest and true financial state of any government, NGO or commercial organisation you're dealing with.

The very best financial due diligence solutions across Leicester

In business, every deal has a potential losing side. To ensure that it won't be you, extensive financial due diligence is absolutely essential. 

Utilising a comprehensive network of information resources scattered across Leicester the UK and even worldwide, our experienced and highly skilled financial investigators use a variety of asset tracing and background vetting skills and services to deliver extensive financial investigation solutions.

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Leicester financial investigations

Our due diligence and financial investigation services ensure that you can quantify and manage any kind of financial risk with confidence; our Leicester clients trust in our experienced financial investigators to paint a reflective picture of any financial situation and consult on your potential strategies in response to them.  

The complete due diligence service provided across Leicester

Working across Cheshire and Leicester, we provide an extensive range of financial investigation and due diligence services, including:

  • Corporate intelligence gathering
  • Asset and liability tracing
  • Fraud and blackmail protection
  • Due diligence support
  • Litigation and legal history
  • Surveillance services
  • Background vetting and data

As one of Leicester's leading commercial investigation specialists, we always aim to exceed clients' expectations, delivering high quality financial intelligence, highly bespoke application of services and the detailed answers you need to know to compete. We'll help you to thrive at any level of commercial business or corporate markets. 

We work across the whole of the UK, including Leicester, so no matter where you are based, we will be able to assist you with your financial investigation requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your financial investigation requirements in a discreet consultation with one of our experienced and helpful team.