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Leicester's Most Trusted Private Detectives

Professional, discreet and widely trusted private detectives, working for clients across Leicester and the Midlands. 

Working closely with our corporate and private clients across Leicester and the Midlands, our professional and experienced private detectives specialise in offering an extensive range of investigation service, covering everything from revealing blackmail and assisting in matrimonial and prenuptial information gathering to supporting legal action and tracing missing persons.

Whatever your Leicester private investigation case and regardless of how unique or challenging it is, we will provide the ultimate solution. Our specialist private detectives and surveillance experts have decades of experience and expertise in this field, so if you require assistance following unexpected changes or a breach of trust, receive comprehensive and discreet support from the professional and trusted private detectives here at Anderson Chance.

So if you're based anywhere across the Midlands, including Leicester, and require affordable, discreet and professional private detectives, call Anderson Chance today on 0800 915 64 54 to speak to our highly specialist team and arrange your no obligation consultation.

Leicester's most trusted and relied upon private detectives!

Working for corporate and private clients across Leicester and the Midlands, our private investigators and detectives specialise in providing clients with an extensive variety of private detective and investigation solutions, including:

  • Private surveillance and observation services
  • Missing persons searches
  • Legal support and evidence gathering
  • Pre-court asset searches
  • Pre-nuptial and matrimonial
  • Blackmail Investigation

Private investigation packages tailored around your needs

We appreciate that every private investigation or surveillance case is completely different from all others, which is exactly why we tailor all our detective services around the individual needs of each and every Leicester client. Our discreet, professional and experienced private detectives will provide you with a tailor made package of investigation services to give you the absolute truth and complete picture of even the most complex of situations. 

Specialising in discreet private surveillance across Leicester and the Midlands

Unlike many other private detective agencies, we don't diversify into CCTV or security, just specialise in private investigations and surveillance. As one of Leicester's leading private investigation companies, we have a huge range of contacts around the world and decades of experience. Combining our experience and expertise with our range of contacts, we specialise in providing professional, effective, trusted and discreet private investigation solutions that are tailored around the needs of each Leicester client.    

Our Leicester and Midlands clients also know that we can be relied upon to find any information, thanks to our clients across the UK and the rest of the world. So if you would like to know more about any of our Leicester and UK-wide private detective services, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful private investigators and detectives today.